Why do I chose replacement battery for my Laptop?

There will come a time in the life of every notebook when the battery will have to be replaced. When this happens, the user will need to make a decision whether or not they want to go with an OEM battery, or one created by a Replacement Laptop Battery. Some may feel a little more secure going with the OEM version, but are they really better?

Some stores will certainly lead you to believe so, but this isnt necessarily true. Their reasons for selling OEM laptop batteries will be increased profits, and in some cases, commission for the salesman. Thankfully, when you look online, there are no pushy employees to persuade you into buying a more expensive product that doesnt have any advantages over the more affordable third party version.

What’s the Benefits to Third Party Laptop Batteries? The largest reason to go with a third party battery over the OEM is the cost. While the price difference between the two might lead some to believe a third party model is inferior, they could actually be better. Oftentimes, third party batteries use the exact same cells as their OEM counterparts, and they exceed the specifications that OEM laptop batteries must meet.

Depending on where you buy third party laptop batteries from, you may find the store offers a warranty. In most cases, the warranty offered by the store on a third party battery will be much better than the OEM manufacturers warranty. http://www.electronic-parts.com.au/ promise full 1 year warranty and 30 days money back. For this reason alone, it could be worth choosing a third party battery the next time youre looking for a new or backup battery for your laptop.

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