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Easy Way for Extend the Life of your Netbook Laptop Battery

Improving the battery life of your netbook will enhance its mobility by lengthening the amount of time you can use it between charges. While it is the size of your netbook's battery that plays the largest role in how long each charge last, you can extend your netbook's battery life without purchasing an expensive, more powerful battery. By practicing a few power-saving tricks, you can extend the life of your battery and get the most out of each charge.

  • 1.Alter the power settings on your netbook to conserve energy and extend the life of your battery charge.(Cheap Toshiba Battery Charger) Dim the monitor and prompt your computer to go into hibernation mode after its been idle for a few minutes. Dimming the screen can give you an extra 30 to 45 minutes of battery life on your netbook.

  • 2.Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when you are not using them. You can turn off Bluetooth in your netbook's control panel. To turn off Wi-Fi, change the toggle switch on the side of your netbook to the off position. When it is not being used, having a Wi-Fi-enabled netbook will decrease your battery life by eight or nine percent.

  • 3.Disconnect external devices such as mice, keyboards or audio-visual equipment. You can conserve energy by using your laptop's mouse instead of a USB mouse, or by watching movies on your computer's hard drive instead of utilizing an external DVD player.

  • 4.Close applications that you are not using. If you are done checking your email, close your email application completely instead of letting it run in the background of your computer. The more applications running on your netbook, the faster the battery will drain.

  • 5.Defragment your netbook regularly to keep your computer running optimally. This process reduces the fragmentation in your hard drive's file systems, and will help you get the most out of each battery charger.

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