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Great Laptop Cooler

Take a cake pan & layer it with ice, crushed or cubed, doesnt matter, then add about 1-2 tablespoons of table salt, spreading evenly over top of the ice. the salt will melt the ice a little but more importantly it super cools the ice & creates a layer on top of the ice so that you can set your notebook right on top of it.laptop parts APPLE A1008 Battery You now have the Coolest, coolest notebook stand avail, the only way you could get any colder would be to use dry ice, (in which u'd not use the salt, but instead add 1 cup of water in its place - also will give you that cool "Smokey/Foggy/scary" look. (Tell your friends you have a Frankenstein laptop & it can do anything & everything, "even let ur dog out &/or walk the neighbors (dog) into the street & rush hr") Anyways, Sorry to post this here & not in its own instructable but i just dont have the time right now, however if someone else wants to post a vid of this before i get to go right ahead... For now - See ya (P.S. if there is extra room beside your laptop inside your new stand, this would be a GREAT place to keep your cold beverages while you work, They will stay ICE COLD). APPLE A1189 Battery laptop parts Nice simple idea! I've just modded a fan to run from a 12vdc but I'm stuck on how to actually attach it to the laptop! You want to concentrate the cooling on where the processor is... look on the bottom for where the majority of fan vents are and chances are its in this area. I actually stripped my laptop down and modded a few of the heatsinks and fan vents for better airflow. Then you need to think about what is actually happening to the heat. The ice works so well because the heat energy is conducted away from the hot heatsinks to the cool ice - the steeper the difference the faster the transfer. The gradient will slowly level out however as it reaches equilibrium, so its only effective while ice packs are constantly replaced. So yuh, good idea for home but maybe not practical everywhere xD.oh really, well I was mainly drawing my experience from once when I left my camera out in the car in February... in Minnesota! 0_o That's kind of the point i was making - Was being sarcastic, obviously any moisture/condensation near/on/next to a computer is a bad thing... even setting a laptop on ice packs would be a bad idea because of the risk of condensation. Apple laptop A1281 battery.if your laptop has 'hotspots' underneath it you can rough up the area with some glasspaper to increase the surface area and hence cool it more efficiently if you dont mind scratchin up your pooter that is! just an idea...

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