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How to Reformat Dell Laptop Computer

Whether it is due to issues with your PC or you just want a fresh start. Reformatting your Dell Laptop is a fairly easy task. This article will guide you how to backup significant data and perform a reformat and reinstall on your Dell Laptop.


  • 1.Locate your restoration media. You will need either the Dell Restore Media that came with your Dell laptop computer or the Windows Installation Media for the version of Windows you have on the laptop.
  • 2.Inventory your laptop. Make note of all the applications you have installed, important files and major settings such as Internet and Network Settings and Printers. Having these written down can save you some headache later on.
  • 3.Identify and backup the files you want to save. Save a copy of important files to your backup media. You can also use the Files And Settings Transfer Wizard in XP or Windows Easy Transfer in Vista and Windows 7 to copy your files and some of your Windows settings. This will make the rebuilding process much easier.
  • 4.Insert your Dell Restore Media or Windows Installation Media and boot from the media. Depending on your model laptop and the version of Windows you will have a CD, DVD or Floppy and in some cases more than one type of media. You may have to press F12 or some other key to select the Boot Menu. This will allow you to select which device to boot from.
  • 5.Select reformat when prompted by the Setup Program. Both the Dell and Windows Setup Programs will give you the option to reformat the hard drive before reinstalling software.
  • 6.Finish the Setup and Restoration Process. Both Dell and Windows setups will differ based on the model of laptop and version of Windows but both should be straight forward and easy to follow.
  • 7.Restore your backed up data. Copy over any files or run the Files And Settings Transfer Wizard in XP or Windows Easy Transfer in Vista and Windows 7 to restore your data.
  • 8.Use your inventory to rebuild your laptop. Work through your inventory like a checklist. Installing and configuring any software you made note of. You may leave off some of the old software that is no longer in use, this will keep your laptop running like new longer.
  • Tips & Notices

  • If you have lost your Dell Restore Media you can contact Dell to obtain a new copy.
  • Always backup your data before performing any operation on your PC.
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