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Make Your APPLE Laptop Battery Last Longer

How to Make Your APPLE Laptop Battery Last Longer on a Day to Day Basis

  • 1.Turn down the brightness of your screen.
  • 2.Turn off or mute the speakers on the laptop.
  • 3.Do not plug in external hard drives, speakers, USB device or other hardware when the apple battery is in use.
  • 4.Turn off scheduled tasks.
  • 5.Limit computer gaming, CD listening and video watching. Graphic and sound intensive programs drain the apple battery faster.
  • 6.Change the Windows Power Options. You can change the settings of the Power Options in the Control Panel so the hard drive and screen turn off after a few minutes of non-use.
  • 7.Copy CD or DVD information to the hard drive. The laptop uses less power if you run such programs from the hard drive rather than use the CD/DVD optical drive.
  • Focusing on the APPLE Battery

  • 1.If you are not going to use the laptop for several days, take the battery out of the computer.
  • 2.Keep the laptop and the battery in a comfortable temperature. Exposure to high heat or extreme cold can damage the battery; not to mention the laptop.
  • 3.Once a month, allow the battery to drain completely. Make sure you have saved all your work and leave no programs open while draining the battery.
  • 4.Be sure to have the power adapter plugged into a surge protector, not just a wall outlet.
  • 5.Do not constantly leave the power adapter plugged in. When the adapter is plugged in, the apple battery is constantly being charged. This is taxing on the battery's life span.
  • Reviews on Hot Apple Laptop Battery

  • This APPLE A1080 battery is great, I've had it for several months and it has allowed me to truly be wireless once again. The fit is not perfect, but who cares if it doesn't sit in the battery space with precision when it just works seamlessly? The value for not buying Apple branded batteries can't be beat!
  • Excellent for the price!I bought this APPLE A1062 battery because my battery in my iBook G4 finally died. It was a fraction of the cost than an Apple one. However, I don't like the battery life. I was hoping it would last 7 hours but it only last 3.5 to 4 hours.
  • glad i bought this APPLE M8665 battery. someone gave me this vintage G4 Ibook and I did not want to go through apple to pay a lot of money for a new battery which it needed. The item came fast, popped it right in and it worked great! So far so good. Its so cheap even if the thing stops working as good, it was totally worth it. Would order parts from them again.
  • This APPLE M8416 battery was as pictured and shipped very quickly. My old iBook battery was not allowing me to be mobile with my laptop because it only worked when connected to the charger. As soon as I would unplug it, my computer would shut off!! This replacement battery was charged 100% out of the box and worked immediately. I am now able to walk around with my laptop without always having it connected to the wall. Great for the cost and has already made a huge difference in my "laptop life." I highly recommend.

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