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Replacement ACER Laptop Battery

Electronic-parts.com.au manufactures and sells high performance ACER Laptop Battery.Our batteries will ensure optimum performance saving you time and money.These ACER Laptop Batteries made specifically for your laptop and to meet or exceed the original manufacturer specifications.Each ACER Laptop Battery is brand new with full 1 year warranty guarantee and 30 days money back gurantee! Shipped fast! (Express Delivery : 1-3 days, Normal Delivery: 2-7days).

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Laptop Battery Usage Tips:
Ever been on a long flight, ready to hunker down and get some work done, only to discover that your ACER laptop battery is plunging toward the red zone an hour after takeoff? So have we. That's why we've gathered these simple tips that will preserve your notebook's juice and boost your productivity. Read them now. You'll thank yourself later.
  1. Fully charge new ACER laptop battery packs before use. New laptop battery pack needs to be fully charged and discharged (cycled) a few times before it can be conditioned to full capacity.
  2. Fully charged stage, Rechargeable laptop battery undergo self-discharging when left unused. So your should store this ACER laptop battery pack in a fully charged stage
  3. Fully drain and fully recharge ACER laptop battery pack every few months.
  4. For longer this battery life, turn down the LCD brightness of your ACER laptop.
  5. Don't short circuit the terminals or store ACER laptop battery pack with metal parts.
  6. Get Another Battery:
    Some laptops are capable of running with two batteries. If you cannot run two batteries, check with the manufacturer to see if there are high capacity batteries available. External batteries can also be used to extend operating time.
  7. Watch Your loptop Battery Use:
    Keep an eye on your battery consumption and know how much power you have remaining. Use the battery power icon on the system tray or you can purchase batteries which have LED gauges on the outside of the battery itself.
ACER Laptop Battery Warranty Policy
All laptop battery you purchased from us are guaranteed! We warranty all laptop battery sold in our website, other than explicitly stated, are 100% brand new and free from defects in material and workmanship.

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Shopping with us is safe . None of our customers have ever reported fraudulent use of their credit cards as a result of shopping with us. You can rest assured that the information you give us is confidential. We do not sell, rent or share information of our customers with other parties.

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